All-in-ONE Indoor

Grow Kits

Everything you need to enter the world

of home growing with a customizable,

easy-to-assemble indoor grow kit

Lighting Package

Full Spectrum LED grow light, UV goggles, Timer

In the lighting package you receive a full spectrum quantum board LED grow light that has an optimized light spectrum for rapid plant growth. To handle all your lighting needs a mechanical timer is included so that you are able to set a customized day & night mode schedule for your plants. Included are UV goggles for protection from the LED grow light so you are able to make adjustments without any strain on your eyes.

Light Features

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 11.43.39

Full spectrum for plant rapid growth

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 11.43.32



Grow Tent

Multiple Sizes

IOBIONICS' grow tents are made with premium 1680D ballistic nylon canvas with a highly reflective mylar that helps increase light reflection. As well as heavy duty tent poles for increase load baring.  

Tent Features

Asset 36.png

Commercial Grade Easy Engage Zippers

Asset 32.png

Premium 1680D Ballistic Nylon Canvas with Highly Reflective Mylar

Asset 33.png

Heavy Duty

Powder Coated

Metal Frame

Ventilation Package

Inline fan, carbon filters, ducting and clamps

Ventilation is one of the main components of a successful grow. The speed adjustable inline fan provides you with the ability to have ventilation on demand by allowing you full control of fan speed from 0-100%. You also won’t have to worry about any odors leaving the tent as the activated carbon filter uses premium 1050+ RC48 Australian virgin charcoal which will remove the odor particles before leaving your tent. Setup will be a breeze as all ducting and easy clamps are included.

Ventilation Features


High Efficiency


Quality Built


Quiet Operation


Rope Ratchets, USB Stem Fan, and hygrometer, fabric planter

Everything you need to have an easy functioning setup and grow is included in the kit. No tool heavy-duty rope ratchets are included so that attaching the ventilation combo and grow light to the durable tent frame will be an easy and sturdy process. Adding a slight breeze to your plants so they grow sturdy like nature is achieved through the clip attached USB stem fan and lastly the digital hygrometer is there so you can easily monitor the humidity and temperature in your grow tent.


Easy Set Up

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.08.59

Complete Package

Set up



"Bought tons of the cheaper exhaust fans and was never happy. Either too loud or no speed control. This thing ACTUALLY has control from 0-100%. And extremely quiet. Impressive unit. Ill probably buy more in the future. Sais its only 160cfm in the specs but hooked up to the same filter it performs just as well as the cheaper brushed 4" exhaust fans with way less sound. And plenty more fan controll. This fan can exhaust any sized area due to the versatility of the controller."


"I bought this originally to have the full variable speed for the fan. I have this in a 4x8x8 tent with 4 "plants" in it and no smell what so ever in the house even in full flower!! This is my second run in flower and just about at harvest and my house doesn't smell like it at all. With the speed controller you have full control on how much you want to pull through the filter and noise control at the same time. Noise level is what you would expect from a carbon filter at 3/4 speed its a little noisier then a house fan and keeps my tent in negative pressure. Top notch and highly recommend in your in the market for a fan and filter."