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Control & Monitor

The IO App is your main connection to the ELEMENT. This is where you will be able to download 1000’s of recipes for different plants, monitor in real time, and share your results to the IO Community. You are able to customize your own recipe and post that along with your harvest to the IO Marketplace.


The ELEMENT uses auto-watering functionality that is integrated with our soil saturation monitoring system. This is a drip irrigation setup where the flow rate is regulated per hour to establish a consistent soil moisture level from 10-90%



Climate Control

Iobionics - app5.png
Iobionics - app2.png
Iobionics - app4.png

Our Bionic Lighting utilizes the latest in Horticulture specific LED chips that offer the best full spectrum performance up to 3.06 (µmol/w·J), PPF up to 166.7 (µmol/s) and wavelengths from 380-780nm. By optimizing the wattage and spectrum of light, you will be able to manipulate a range of factors in plant growth: including germination, vegetation, flowering stage, higher potency, increased yield and improved overall quality. Our IOBIONIC LED lighting consumes less energy and has a lower carbon footprint.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 5.09.10 PM.png

Relative Spectral PPF

Wavelength (nm) 

Through our climate control system you have access to a temperature range of 4°C to 40°C+ and a humidity range of 20% to 90% RH. These settings are a part of the recipes that are downloadable from our IO App to adjust the right environment suited for each of your different plants. To maintain the climate settings, a complete refrigeration and heating unit are equippped in the ELEMENT allowing you to adjust the levels of humidity and temperature. 




Interior Height

Exterior Height




Full Spectrum 
380 - 780nm​


Auto Drip System
10 - 90% Saturation


Cooling & Heating
10° - 35°C


Humidify & Dehumidify
30 - 80%


Air Purification

Activated Carbon


200 - 280nm



IO Mobile App

Android, iOS, Windows

Air Exchange

Flow Rate 


Child Safety
2-Step Safe Lock


Tempered Glass
4mm Insulated Thick
Air Circulation
The rate of exchange means the amount of times all the air in the box is being released and filled. This is the amount of fresh oxygen and C0₂ being used by your plant. Our rate of exchange is set at 1.0 cubic meter per hour. All the air is passed through our proprietary air filtration apparatus that is packed with 1050+ activated Australian virgin carbon. This results in purified fresh air entering your surroundings.
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 1.24.49 PM.png
Bacteria and mold will not only kill your plant but has the potential to harm you as well.  A UVC Germicidal apparatus is used to sterilize the air and eliminate bacteria, that will result in a healthier and cleaner environment. Our UVC is positioned in the back of the air circulation pathway to prevent any disruption for you and your plants. There is also a pre-filter to stop any dirt and debris from entering your ELEMENT.
Air Purification

Activated Carbon filter made from Premium 1050+ Australian Virgin Charcoal is used in the ELEMENT to help neutralize odor from being released into the environment. Contaminated air enters the filtration system, passes through multiple layers of activated carbon, undergoes adsorption process, and exits purified. The Element acts as a natural home air filtration system by purifying contaminated air and converting excessive CO₂ to breathable O₂.

Privacy & Security
Vision Smart Glass is a 4mm thick double-layered tempered glass that is thermal insulated with Argon gas. The glass uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between being transparent or opaque by applying voltage and is controlled from a flick of a switch or the IO App. It allows you the ability to view your plant or be discreet and hide it. There is an added 2-factor privacy safety lock for additional security so that everything inside the ELEMENT stays secure.
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