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A different color spectrum can change how cannabis germinates, grows and even makes buds! Although we don’t have a lot of options to change the spectrum of sunlight when growing outdoors, we have almost complete control of the spectrum when growing cannabis indoors since we’re using grow lights.

 Blue Light 

Blue help keep young plants from growing tall and lanky, and encourages lots of leafy growth. This colour light also aids in directional growth as the plant needs blue light to know where the light actually is and grow towards it.

Teal/Green light

Green light has been shown to be involved in seedling and vegetative development, the initiation of the flowering stage, CO2/water usage, stem growth and overall plant height.

Yellow/Orange/Red light

When it comes to photosynthesis, plants are best able to make energy out of red light. Red light also tells the plant when it is coming into the day/night cycle. 

This allows the Element to achieve rapid growth with less energy consumption. 


The Element uses a precise watering system that is generated from soil saturation monitoring. The benefit is that your plant only receives the necessary water and the right time. This system is developed as a drip irrigation model where the water is dispensed as droplets on a time cycle to coincide with the soil saturation percentage each specific plant requires.


Climate Control

Temperature and Humidity Control

 The Element gives you complete control over the climate inside the grow box. Through our complete system you have access to a temperature range of 10°C-35°C+ and a humidity range of 30%-80% RH. These ranges work in conjunction to produce the exact environment suited for each of your different plants. In order to achieve this a compressor has been added to kick in and adjust the levels of humidity by gentling adding cooling to bring down both temperature and humidity in the grow box. An example of the ideal humidity range for each stage of growing a cannabis plant. Clones:70% RH, Vegetative: 40-60%, Start of Flowering: 40-50%, Final weeks of Flowering: 40-45%. 

Air Circulation
Air exchange is an incredibly important factor when growing any plant indoors. The rate of exchange means the amount of times all the air in the box is being released and filled. This is the amount of fresh oxygen and C0₂ being used by your plant. Our rate of exchange is set at 1.0 cubic meter per hour. All the air is passed through our proprietary air filtration apparatus which is packed with 1050+ activated Australian virgin carbon. This results in purified fresh air entering your surroundings.
UVC Germicidal apparatus to sterilize the air to eliminate bacteria which results in a healthier and cleaner environment. Our UVC is positioned in the back of the air circulation pathway to prevent any disruption for you and your plants. There is also a pre-filter to stop any dirt and debris from entering your “ELEMENT”.