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I/O Green Thumb App

1- Click Auto Grow

Download Recipes

With the IO GreenThumb App you have the ability to download a variety growth recipes that give specific settings for each unique plant. Growth recipes are a set of custom settings that is unique to each plant used to grow successfully. These settings include full climate (temperature & humidity), air flow, soil saturation and light cycle for both daytime and night time   

Real Time Monitoring

Wherever you are stay connected to your ELEMENT. With real time monitoring you can now check in on your plants conditions to see the exact temperature, humidity, growth days, light cycle and soil saturation. This way you will always be aware of everything going on with your plant; whether at work, home or even on vacation.  


We want you to have the ability to have the ultimate control when it comes to how you are able to grow in the ELEMENT. If you are experienced you will be able to formulate your own growth recipe to the exact conditions you desire. We encourage you to upload your own growth recipe to the community to be elected and for it to become the new standard that will be named after you.

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