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  • Why the ELEMENT Smart Grow Box?
    Plant a seed, watch it grow -Automatic.The ELEMENT Smart Grow Box is the first grow box to be fully integrated with genuine automation. It gives you the ability to pick a recipe from 1000’s available and have the ELEMENT optimize the environment to the right conditions to grow your plant for you. Any Reason + Any Season.
  • How can I grow in the box & is it easy to use?
    Yes, absolutely. The ELEMENT is designed to be as simple as plug and play. Download a recipe on the IO-App, plant a seed, and then watch your plant grow.
  • How do I control the box?
    Download the IO-App to your smart device via android or IOS. Connect the App to the ELEMENT through WiFi. Follow the simple steps and start growing.
  • What is the function of the App?
    The IO-App is the central control to the ELEMENT. This is where you can search and download grow recipes, personalize your own recipe, monitor the conditions, view your results, connect to the community and share your harvests.
  • What are grow recipes & where can I find them?
    A grow recipe is a specific set of data used to optimize the growth of your plant. 1000’s of recipes are available to you on the IO-App with the ability to customize your own recipe. Which means you are able to alter the temperature, humidity, lighting schedule and more.
  • How many plants am I able to grow?
    The amount of plants you are able to grow in the ELEMENT depends on the type of plant and whether or not you have the shelving accessory. You are able to grow up to 64 sprouting pods to 2 dwarf fruit trees
  • What other types of plants can I grow in the box?
    You are able to grow vergetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, flowers and exotics in the ELEMENT. With the optimized environment and 1000’s of growth recipes available the choice of what to grow is up to you.
  • Can I grow from a seed or already germinated plant?
    The ELEMENT provides the perfect conditions for your plant regardless of starting point in the growth cycle. You can grow from seed, sprout or even revive an existing plant.
  • Will your grow box work if my WiFi goes down?
    Yes, the growth recipes are only downloaded off of Wi-Fi and then the box stores the information and runs automatically.
  • Do I need any growing experience to use this box?
    You do not need any growing experience to use the ELEMENT it takes care of everything for you.
  • How long is the typical grow cycle?
    With the ELEMENT and downloading specific growth recipes you are able to optimize the growth of your plants resulting in reduced growth time. You will also see improved quality and increased potency.
  • How do you handle mold and pests?
    Air flows through a UVC Germicidal apparatus at 1m3/sec therefore mold and other bacteria are being eliminated. The box is self contained resulting in no openings for pests to get in.
  • What sizes are available?
    The ELEMENT is available in a standard size, There are different sizes, options and configurations coming soon.
  • Is there any warranty for the box?
    Yes, the ELEMENT comes with a full 1 year limited warranty on parts and labour as well as an additional 2 year warranty on the parts.
  • What kind of plug does this box use?
    The ELEMENT uses a standard 110V wall plug.
  • Will there be any smell?
    There will be no smell leaving the ELEMENT. The air circulation is regulated and passed through an activated carbon filter that removes all odor particles before the air is released.
  • Is it childproof?
    The ELEMENT comes standard with a child safety lock.
  • Can I grow a variety of plants at once?
    With the ELEMENT you are able to grow a variety of plants at the same time as long as they share the same environment. For example you will be able to grow fresh basil and herbs with medicinal cannabis.
  • What type of lights are used in the box?
    The ELEMENT uses proprietary Bionic full spectrum Horticulture LED grow lights with calibrated beam pattern to give an even distribution of light to eliminate any hot spots on your plant.
  • Can I put more lights in the box?
    You do not have to install any more lights in the ELEMENT. We have additional side lighting and food grade 304 stainless steel mirror polished reflective interior to maximize the light reflection to ensure no energy is wasted.
  • What type of medicinal plants can I grow in the box?
    You will be able to grow every strain from sativa, indica, hybrids, autoflowering, ruderalis, hemp & all other medicinal plants/flowers from all over the world. Everything is available through downloadable grow recipes on our APP.
  • What type of soil do I use?
    The ELEMENT is compatible with all soil types. You can use everyday soil from potting mix, triple mix, etc. found in your everyday hardware store and local garden centers.
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