IO Grow Tent FAQ

What size tents are available?

Our most popular grow tent models come in sizes ranging from 2ft x 2.5ftx 5ft extendable to 6ft in height, 4ft x 4ft x 6ft, 8ft x 8ftx 6ft and more.

How many plants can I grow in your 2ft x 2.5ft x 5ft tent?

You are able to grow up to 4 plants in this tent. However, if you need to grow more than 4 plants, we have different sizes to accommodate different amounts of plants.

What is included in the grow tent kit?

We have all the essential tools you need to grow successfully in our kit. From our durable tent, energy efficient speed adjustable inline fan, exchangeable cartridge carbon filter, full spectrum quantum board LED grow light, digital hygrometer, electrical timer, heavy duty rope ratchets, environmentally friendly fabric planter, UV glasses, clamps and ducts & USB stem fan.

Are there different options for the kit?

Yes, you are able to get the kit with and without the tent.

How much power does the tent kit use?

All the devices are energy efficient and consumes power like your small appliance.

How hard is it to setup?

The setup is as easy as 1,2,3 and requires no tools.

Is the tent easy to rip?

No, the tent is made from 1680D ballistic nylon material.

Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, it also comes with a flood protection tray.

Do I have to worry about the smell?

No you will not, our active carbon filter will eliminate the odors through our double layer filtration system.

Can I grow different plants in my tent?

Yes, you are able to grow anything in your tent.

Is the tent easy to clean?

Yes, you are able to use just water and soap with a lint free cloth.

How do I setup the accessories in the tent?

With our easy 1,2,3 set up manual all you have to do is hang and go.

What is the ideal height between LED grow light and my plants?

The light should be 25-30” away from the plant for optimum growth.

Does the tent kit come with any warranty?


How many ducting ports does it have?

12 ducting ports.

Is the tent frame sturdy?

Yes, it is able to support 160lbs.

Can I look inside my tent without opening it?

Yes, there is a roll up observation window.

Where can I put my tent, and can I easily move my tent around?

You are able to put the tent anywhere you feel comfortable with it indoors and with lightweight it is easy to move around.

What is the benefit of a tent?

With a tent you are able to grow all year round from start to finish from the privacy of your own home.