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Ventilation Fan

Save Energy 

Reduce Cost 


Key Features



Quiet Operation

Quality Built

Maximum Performance

Commercial Grade

Quality Built
Cold Forged Steel
Quiet Operation
Commercial Grade
75 Watts
Longer Motor Life, More Run Time, More Air Flow
20 Watts
190 CFM
35-55 dB
35 Watts
460 CFM
35-55 dB
850 CFM
55-78 dB



The IOBIONICS inline fan serves as a booster for your existing HVAC system. Our fans provide you with the ability to prolong your existing HVAC equipment service life by boosting the airflow at a low consumption. This helps save energy and reduce overall cost. 


The IOBIONICS 10"&12" inline fans are commonly used in applications like greenhouses & farms as the sole unit to control airflow. You are able to join them in a series to fit your existing structure to boost overall airflow and reduce energy cost. 

  • New & Existing HVAC

  • Bathroom Condensation Control

  • Basement Ventilation

  • Attic/Roof Air Exchange

  • Crawl Space Ventilation

  • Cooling For Home Theater

  • Cooling For Equipment Racks

  • Greenhouse And Farms

  • Home Growing

  • Laboratory Exhaust Ducting

  • RVs' & Off-The-Grid

Ventilation on demand  


Commercial Grade Lightweight Cold

Forged Steel Frame

Fully Detachable Speed Controller

Activated Carbon Filter


IOBIONICS Carbon Filters use Premium 1050+ Australian Virgin Charcoal, 46mm Extra Thick High Capacity Activated Carbon, Contains More Activated Carbon Granules than Others

Combining IOBIONICS Carbon Filters with our ETL listed Energy Efficient Inline Fan you will have a reliable Air Purifying system that will last.


Air Flow

Carbon Filter

Air Carbon Filter Features


Activated Carbon Filter with Machine Washable Pre-Filter

Porous Metal Casing Leaves 53% of Surface Area Open For High Airflow

IOBIONICS Carbon Filter has the versatility to be used as intake or exhaust filter for indoor and outdoor setups by combining with IOBIONICS inline Fan.

IOBIONICS Carbon Filter will purify and remove harmful aerosol. Particulates from cigarette smoke, plant based allergens and any other unpleasant smells in your house, workshop & commercial space.

How it Works


Reversible Filter Flange

1050+ Australian virgin charcoal Granules 

Air Carbon Filter Installation


Carbon Filter
Inline Fan