IOBIONIC Fans + Carbon Filter FAQ

What different applications can the fan be used for?

Some of the many application include in commercial settings: commercial buildings & agricultural spaces, laboratories and hospitals. As well as household applications like bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics, garage, exhaust canopy, RV’s, , and. For used in existing duct work to boost air exchange & circulation, remove condensation and odor

What is CFM for?

CFM is for the measurement of the air flow rate. Our 4” fan is 190CFM which is equivalent to 5200 RPM or 35.75mmH2O Static Pressure.

What is the energy consumption of the 4” fan?

Our energy efficient 4” fan consumes a maximum of 20 watts at full speed. Depending on your application is can use as little as 5watts with a average of 10-15watts.

How do I set up the fan?

The fan is an easy setup of plugging in the speed controller and then plugging the fan into a regular wall outlet.

How do I adjust the speed on your fan?

Through the speed controller you have the ability to adjust the speed with no restrictions from 0-100 by turning the dial.

Will your fan rust?

No, our fan is made from powder coated commercial grade lightweight cold-forged steel for the 6”,8” & 10”. The 4” fan is made from powder coated lightweight aluminum, so it will not rust through.

What is the efficiency of the fans?

Our fans utilize the latest electronically commutated brushless DC motor with variable speed controller which gives up to 75% higher efficiency than any AC motor fans. For example, our 4” consumes as little as 10watts @ 100CFM.

What type of carbon is used for the carbon filter?

Our carbon filters use premium 1050+ Australian Virgin Charcoal.

What is your carbon filter made of?

The carbon filter is made from a lightweight metal casing for increased durability and a dual layer filter composed of an activated carbon granules outer layer and a replaceable center core cartridge.

What is the CFM rating of your carbon filters?

Our 4” carbon air filter supports up to 225 CFM, 6” carbon air filter supports up to 550 CFM and 8” supports up to 950 CFM.

Are there different sizes of carbon filters?

Yes, we have multiple sizes of carbon filter available from 4”,6”,8” and 10”.

Does the inline fan and carbon filter come as a package?

Yes, you can purchase our complete ventilation kit (inline fan, carbon air filter, ducting, clamps, hygrometer, rope ratchets), as well as each item individually and even just the replacement carbon filter core cartridges are available in our online store.

Is your intake flange reversible?

Yes, our intake flange is reversible allowing you to extend the life of your carbon filter.

Is your 4” fan noisy?

Our 4” fan has a decibel rating of 35-55db directly proportional to your running speed.

Is the fan certified?

Yes, we take safety very seriously, and all our fans have an ETL certification.

Is the fan waterproof?

The fan is IP65 (NEMA 4) rated for splash and high humidity. Do not submerge the fan in water.

Is your fan fireproof?

Our fan blade is made from thermoplastic which means it is not combustible and our casing is made from either steel or aluminum which is not flammable.

How many speed settings does the fan have?

With our variable speed control, you have access to complete control of the speed from 0-100%.

Does your fan use a dc motor?

Yes, it is a energy efficient electrically commutated brushless DC motor.

Can I use the filter for intake and exhaust?

Yes if you install it at the front or back it can act as either an intake or exhaust.

What outlet does the inline fan require?

Our inline fan requires just the regular 110V everyday wall outlet or it will also run with your backup power up to 6 hours.

Is the speed controller waterproof?

The controller is splash proof.

Will the inline fan help regulate the temperature in my tent?

Yes, it helps not just with temperature, it can also help to remove humidity and odor.

Can I use it as an everyday fan?

Yes, you can use our inline fan for a range of uses including having it as a regular everyday fan.

Will your fan work in high humidity environment?

Yes, the fan works in in high humidity environments, the fan has an IP65 (NEMA 4) rating. However, prolonged exposure to extreme environments will reduce the overall lifespan.