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Contest Winners for #WINAGROWBOX

It has been a fantastic couple of months since we started the #WINAGROWBOX contest and we've been thrilled with the results. There were countless photos and we love the support you showed in posting our products. We are excited to give away not only the ELEMENT but also a couple more prizes.

The Grand Prize winner is (@kaitlintrinity). Congratulations, we’re excited for you to experience the ELEMENT first hand. You will receive the ELEMENT Smart Grow Box when the first batch starts shipping at the end of spring.

Runner Up is going to @GrowingtheGoodStuff you have won the IOBIONICS Grow Tent. 2nd Runner Up (@jigglyandipuff) is receiving a full ventilation kit featuring our 4inch inline fan and carbon filter.

We are excited for all of our winners and for those that didn’t win- don’t worry; we will be doing another contest very soon. So follow, subscribe and stay tuned.

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