Smart Grow Box 



Grow any plant you want, connect to the community and share your success.

The ELEMENT is the first connection to embracing the growing revolution. You will now be connected to an ever-expanding community of like-minded individuals on the path to a healthier, sustainable, more exciting lifestyle.


Pick Your Recipe from IO App, Plant The Seed, Watch it Grow Automatically

The brain inside the ELEMENT enables the connection between User, the Hardware and the Software. This allows all the parts to work in seamless harmony resulting in the perfect automatic growth every time.


Advanced LED lighting that delivers

Mirror the Suns 24 Hour movement and its spectrum with the ELEMENT Bionic Lighting system. Receiving light from not just the top but also all sides resulting in denser & bushier plants.

Enjoy Cleaner Air

Our specifically designed air pathway precisely regulates the flow and movement of air in our fully contained environment. On the way out it is purified then sanitized releasing ozone and odor free purified air.


A New Level of Convenience

Never worry about when to water your plant - the ELEMENT takes care of it with precise saturation controlled watering. Now your plant will get the water it deserves at the right time every time.

Connect to Your Life

Enjoy every aspect of your life as the ELEMENT  does the work for you. True Worry Free Growing. 

Residential Use

Enjoy fresh fruits in the the comfort of your own home and simply pick and eat.

Institutional Usage

Used in institutional environments to regulate precise conditions needed for testing.

Pick Your Plant

Pick a plant from 1000's of growth recipes and the ELEMENT will optimize the environment for perfect results. 


Create your own growth formula and share the results with the community.

Monitor Anywhere 

Real time monitoring means you are able to check on your plants conditions wherever you are.


Full Automation for Perfect Results

Select the plant, and the ELEMENT will change the conditions to the precise environment, with temperature & humidity control, auto watering, scheduled lighting and regulated airflow.


Commercial Grade Material 

304 mirror polished stainless steel is used for their outstanding resistance to mold & rust, long lasting, easy to sanitize, and high durability.  These food safety materials maximize the light output, boost energy efficiency and enable a clean environment.

Any Plant. Any Climate.

Plug & Play

Vision Smart Glass

Child Lock

Stay safe and secure with all your plants by having a two step lock.

The ELEMENT is energy efficient using a standard 110V power plug. This allows you the ability to place it in any location.

Be discrete or show it off. The Vision glass allows you the capability to keep the glass opaque or clear.

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